Exchange Guests

General Information:

As part of VRI, we are happy to accommodate exchange guests.

The Nob Hill Inn is different from most timeshare resorts, and we would appreciate your taking the time to read the following information before you arrive.

As with other timeshare resorts in San Francisco, the Nob Hill Inn was built around the turn of the last century as a private home. It is much smaller than most "purpose built" timeshare resorts. Because there is so little availability in San Francisco for timesharing, it may take longer to receive your confirmation at The Nob Hill Inn than at other resorts. Please do not expect the same sort of facilities at any of the San Francisco resorts that you have at your "home" resort. These properties are right downtown, where there are only a few inches between buildings. They have no "grounds" or recreational facilities. The street is only six feet from the building, so you can expect to hear city noises — traffic, sirens, car alarms, people talking — right outside your window, 24 hours a day. (If noise bothers you, you might want to bring earplugs for sleeping, as we have no control over the sound level of The City!)

And if all of this sounds a bit frustrating, keep in mind that narrow, winding streets, interesting people and beautiful (if crowded) buildings are all part of the charm of San Francisco!

Note: we do not accept packages for guests who have not registered and are not already staying with us. If we do receive any packages for guests there will be a $5 fee per package.

Lastly, if you have already finalized your exchange plans, we urge you to check your confirmation slip against the information contained in this site or in the brochures you were sent. It is important that you know the type of unit you have been assigned, and how many people that unit will accommodate. If you have any problems, please contact your exchange company immediately. The following rules apply to all exchange guests, without exception:

Unit assignments may not be changed once you have arrived. This is why we ask that you check your confirmation for the unit type you have been assigned, and then check the "About the Inn" area of this site to determine if the unit type will work for you — before you arrive.

You must not arrive with more people than your unit allows, and please note that children are included in the maximum occupancy. Again, please check the "About the Inn" area of this site, and make special note of the number of people allowed in each type of unit. You will not be checked in if you arrive with more than the allowed number of people.

The Nob Hill Inn is a non-smoking property. Smoking of any sort, lighting candles or burning incense is prohibited on the property due to laws and the risk of fire. There will be a minimum $250 penalty charged to your credit card if this policy is violated.

We appreciate your cooperation in these matters, and hope that you will contact us with any questions you may have. Someone is on duty at the Nob Hill Inn 24 hours a day to assist you.

Nob Hill Inn

1000 Pine Street
(Pine & Taylor)
San Francisco CA

(415) 673-6080

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